Days of the Week – How To Say In Italian?

This is our first in the Series of Italian Phrases – How to Say in Italian? Let’s learn how to say days of the week in Italian: Monday: lunedì Tuesday: martedì Wednesday: mercoledì Thursday: giovedì Friday: venerdì Saturday: sabato Sunday: domenica If you want to learn more Italian, check out the free 6-day course of […]

Table Of Contents For Rocket Italian 6-Day Course

Table of Contents for the free Rocket Italian 6 Day Course: Day 1) Greetings (audio lesson) Day 2) Greetings (text lesson) Day 3) Basic Introductions (audio lesson) Day 4) Basic Introductions (text lesson) Day 5) Survival Skills (audio lesson) Day 6) Survival Skills (text lesson) Remember to work at your own pace – and there’s […]

What Is Rocket Italian?

Rocket Italian is a truly interactive course that you can start to use right away, as you can download it to your computer instantly. The course is designed to provide very fast results for people serious about learning italian from the comfort of their own home. Rocket Italian, free 6-day course It uses mostly interactive […]

Why Should You Learn Italian?

The Italian language is spoken by approximately 63 million people, mostly in Italy. Italian is one of the four official languages of Switzerland, and also the official language of Vatican City and San Marino. There is some quality in the Italian language which cannot quite be put into words but which makes the language fluid […]

Learning Italian

I’ll be traveling to Italy this summer to see Tuscany and I thought about learning some italian that I can use with local people. I’ve searched the net for some italian language products. I’ve found cheap ones, expensive ones, some were easy to use, some were more complicated… and finally I found what I believe […]

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