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Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

Overall RatingThe Learning Spanish Like Crazy is a complete audio course, that is somewhat based on the Pimsleur method. The creators took the positive parts of Pimsleur Spanish and improved on them. You can put these lessons on your iPod, or play the CDs in your car. What level is Learning Spanish Like Crazy? Learning […]

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Synergy Spanish Review

Overall RatingSynergy Spanish’s slogan is “Finally! An Easy Way to Learn Spanish – And You Only Have to Learn 138 Words”. This means that this course is not as comprehensive as others like Rocket Spanish, but for a reason: its purpose is different. Synergy Spanish is a product that is probably best for someone who […]

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Rosetta Stone Spanish Review

Overall RatingRosetta Stone is the number one language-learning software company in the world. Rosetta Stone has a unique way of teaching Spanish. It uses word and image associations along with writing exercises. The software will show you four images at once. You listen to the audio track and select an image accordingly. It is a […]

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Rocket Spanish Premium Review

Overall RatingNo RatingsRocket Spanish is an audio based interactive spanish course that teaches you reading, writing, comprehension and conversational skills. It is one of the lowest priced product on the market, but don’t let the price fool you, Rocket Spanish is excellent value for money. Rocket Spanish comes in two versions: a physical version and […]

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Jet Set Spanish Preview & Review

Overall Rating Mauricio Evlampieff – the founder of Rocket Spanish – takes learning spanish to a new level. Based on the success of Rocket Spanish, combining recent studies and listening to Rocket Spanish customers they will soon be launching their new course: Jetset Spanish. What is Jetset Spanish? Jetset Spanish has been designed to deepen […]

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Verbarrator Review

Overall RatingVerbarrator is not a usual language-learning software. It’s a software designed to help you verb conjugation in Spanish. Verbarrator gives you 567 different Spanish verbs not only to help you master conjugating verbs – but also to help you achieve or improve your fluency in Spanish. Sounds complicated? Simply speaking you will learn how […]