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Learn French Like a Rocket with Rocket French!

Rocket FrenchThe Rocket French course consist of 31 audio tracks that are each between 20-30 minutes long. The complete course has over 11 hours of audio with 45 lessons that you can listen to. Below you can find a brief description about the content of each audio track.

Rocket French Audio Tracks

Rocket FrenchRocket French Audio Track 1 (15 min):
You will be able to take part in the everyday meeting and greeting of people that you know and strangers…

Rocket French Audio Track 2 (24 min):
Moving on from the Intro Track, you will be able to start conversations and meet local people by introducing yourself and tell French speaking people where you come from!

Rocket French Audio Track 3 (21 min):
Got a problem with people talking too fast in French? This track teaches you how to say “can you speak more slowly?” and other useful phrases that are absolutely necessary when you are learning.

Rocket French Audio Track 4 (27 min):
Paul and I work on your ordering skills by getting you to ask for tea or coffee in French! …Do you want milk and sugar with that?

Rocket French Audio Track 5 (34 min):
Need to book a hotel room on your travels? Want to find out about the amenities first? Find out about cost, single rooms, double rooms, bathrooms, breakfast included, etc. Track 5 of the Rocket French Interactive Audio Course shows you how!

Rocket French Audio Track 6 (27 min):
Want to find out about local attractions on your stay in a French speaking country? In this lesson Paul and I visit a Tourist Information Center and teach you how to ask about what there is to do, get tickets, join a tour and more…

Rocket French Audio Track 7 (28 min):
Now that you have joined the tour you may need an English speaking guide, find out how long there is to go on the tour or perhaps be able to ask for a bathroom stop!

Rocket French Audio Track 8 (29 min):
We take you through an airport… and show you how to answer the security questions like “Did you pack your suitcase yourself?” and “Is this your suitcase?”… Extremely handy knowledge in this day and age…

Rocket French Audio Track 9 (29 min):
How do you get from the airport to your hotel? Call a taxi! Engage in chit-chat with a stranger and talk about business while you wait. Do you want to share the ride? Be my guest.

Rocket French Audio Track 10 (26 min):
Ever thought of going on the French ‘autoroute’? Paul and I take a rental car for a spin and you come along for the ride!

Rocket French Audio Track 11 (24 min):
Do you want to be able to ask for directions? This track shows you the common words and phrases you need to know to avoid getting lost!

Rocket French Audio Track 12 (21 min):
When visiting a French town chances are that you will want to visit the town hall and the church (at least for the first week)! We take you around a typical French town and give you all the info you need to make your visit a success with the locals.

Rocket French Audio Track 13 (21 min):
A lot of French towns have great public transport systems. This track shows you the protocol for getting around via a tram-ride. We show you how to get a day pass, student, one way and return tickets!

Rocket French Audio Track 14 (17 min):
Paul and I visit a grocery store so that you can find out how to get all sorts of vegetables, candy and other produce in French! You won’t be going hungry after completing this lesson!

Rocket French Audio Track 15 (15 min):
Once you have got your groceries what do you do next? You cook a meal! Rocket French Audio Track 15 shows you how to find your way around the kitchen in French…

Rocket French Audio Track 16 (23 min):
If you don’t like cooking then you will need to reserve a table at a restaurant! Join us booking a time and table at a restaurant… …and leave contact details!

Rocket French Audio Track 17 (18 min):
Once you get to the restaurant you will need a whole pile of new French words and phrases to get the most out of your dining experience! Track 17 gives you the essential French that you need to know…

Rocket French Audio Track 18 (21 min):
France is a big wine producing (and drinking!) country so being able to ask about wine will win you a lot of French friends! I talk you through asking about wine in this Track.

Rocket French Audio Track 19 (19 min):
Visiting a gift shop is something that is almost unavoidable in French-speaking countries! Find out how to buy that souvenir for your Aunt and much more…

Rocket French Audio Track 20 (18 min):
Taking the gift shop experience a step further, Paul undertakes some retail therapy… Shopping, shopping, shopping…

Rocket French Audio Track 21 (16 min):
Once you have bought your wine, souvenirs and any other retail gifts you will probably want to send them home… This Track gives you the correct words and phrases that you need to communicate with your friendly French post office worker!

Rocket French Audio Track 22 (20 min):
Get ready for a big celebration, because you are invited! Paul and I will teach you all about the important questions you need to ask before going to a party. That way you can be sure to make a good impression on your hosts…

Rocket French Audio Track 23 (20 min):
It’s time to meet the family! This track gives you the essential French you need to know in order to survive a “May I introduce you to…” and “Nice to meet you” marathon. And by the way… who is that dark-haired girl over there?

Rocket French Audio Track 24 (19 min):
After this lesson you will be an expert when it comes to dating a stranger in Paris. You will also know how to apologize in five different ways. Now, that’s handy!

Rocket French Audio Track 25 (16 min):
What if the person you are dating is not as charming as you thought to start with? Learn all the useful phrases you need to know in order to make it clear that you are not interested any more. Thanks, but no thanks…

Rocket French Audio Track 26 (17 min):
In this track Paul and I will teach you phrases and essential words that come in handy when socializing. Have you got any plans for the weekend? After listening to this lesson you will!

Rocket French Audio Track 27 (19 min):
“Have you got your ski pass handy?” “Whereabouts is the lift?” “Where can I hire skis from?” This track is all about skiing and finding your way around in the mountains, enjoy!

Rocket French Audio Track 28 (19 min):
Now we are on the mountain how do we talk about the weather? the snow? mulled wine? Listen to this audio lesson to find out.

Rocket French Audio Track 29 (17 min):
Paul always knew that Claire is wonderful, but in this lesson she actually turns into a real hero. You will find out why it is important to be prepared and always have travel insurance. But even if things go wrong, there is always something to laugh about…

Rocket FrenchRocket French Audio Track 30:
All of the Conversations (12 min): Now it’s time for you to sit back and relax. Immerse yourself in the French language by listening to all of Claire’s and Paul’s adventures as they explore France together. Have a little break in order to get ready for the Rocket Reviews…

Rocket French Audio Track 31: Rocket Reviews (34 min):
Ready to test yourself? Paul and Claire will take you from zero to hero in just over half an hour. Put your thinking caps on and enjoy our extremely popular Rocket Reviews.


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