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Rosetta Stone French Review

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Rosetta Stone French is a recognized leader in the language learning industry. The software’s interface is extremely simple and intuitive to use so that you can figure out how to operate it without any instruction. Rosetta Stone relies on the picture-word association method to teach you French. Rosetta Stone French helps you associate words and phrases with pictures that you recognize, slowly building a vocabulary. Rosetta Stone also has one of the best speech recognition systems that we have seen.

Rosetta Stone French also uses audio tracks and a speech recognition system to help you improve pronunciation, listening comprehension and conversation skills. With the Audio Companion you can put the lessons on you MP3 player or PDA. This is an excellent way to learn on the go too.

Rosetta Stone French does not have too many features to teach you French as other softwares may have, but it excels in the tools it offers.

The Rosetta Stone website has many different support options, from FAQs and tutorials, to phone and email support if you have technical problems. The software comes with a user manual too that can answer a lot of basic questions.

Summary of Rosetta Stone French Review:

Rosetta Stone doesn’t have a lot of features as other french learning tools because it doesn’t need them. Rosetta Stone makes learning French so simple and intuitive that anybody can do it.

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Rosetta Stone French Review by Admin, September 13, 2010

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Overall Rating 55555

Rosetta Stone French is one of the best language softwares for learning French, although it has its price, but you get what you pay for. Recommended.

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