At The Bank – How To Say In Italian?

This is the next part in the Series of Italian Phrases – How to Say in Italian?

Let’s learn how to say these phrases in Italian:

Which counter do I go to to change money? A che sportello devo andare per cambiare del denaro?

I would like to change some travellers’ cheques, please. Per favore, vorrei cambiare dei travellers’ cheques.

Is there commission? C’e’ una commissione da pagare?

What’s the exchange rate for Pounds Sterling? Qual’e’ il tasso di cambio per la Sterlina Inglese?

Where do I have to sign? Dove devo firmare?

What is today’s date? Qual’e’ la data di oggi?

What time does the bank open? A che ora apre la banca?

What time does the bank close? A che ora chiude la banca?

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