At The Post Office – How To Say In Italian?

This is the next part in the Series of Italian Phrases – How to Say in Italian?

Let’s learn how to say these phrases in Italian:

Is the post office open tomorrow? L’ufficio postale sara’ aperto domani?

How much does it cost to send a letter to Germany, please? Per favore, quanto costa spedire una lettera in Germania?

Three stamps at 800 Lire each, please. Per favore, tre francobolli da ottocento lire.

Where is the post box? Dov’e’ la cassetta delle lettere?

What time is the next collection? A che ora sara’ la prossima raccolta?

Will you weigh this parcel for me, please. Per favore, mi puo’ pesare questo pacco?

I need to telephone England. Vorrei telefonare in Inghilterra.

It’s the first time I have used a telephone in Italy. E’ la prima volta che uso un telefono in Italia.

Where is the telephone directory? Dov’e’ la guida telefonica?

I would like to reverse the charges. Vorrei chiamare a spese del ricevente.

I have been cut off. E’ caduta la linea.

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