Rocket Italian Premium Plus – Special Edition

The last few months were very busy at Rocket Languages as they’ve introduces the 2011 Edition of Rocket Italian Premium and now they surprise everyone with Rocket Italian Level 2 aka Rocket Italian Premium Plus!

Rocket Italian was the top choice for many learners as it was very unique and versatile. Rocket Languages built on its success and now it’s time for the second learning italian adventure: Rocket Italian Premium Plus.

This brand new learning tool  is the natural continuation of your learning italian experience.  Its quality is even better as the creators took into account the user feedback they’ve received. The lessons you are already familiar with from the original Rocket Italian continue thus reinforcing what you have already learned.

Rocket Italian Level 2 includes the following parts:

  • 29 brand new interactive audio lessons
  • 7 fresh and practical topics to extend you vocabulary
  • 29 essential language and cultural lessons
  • better interactive quizzes
  • improved progress tracking tool
  • and last but not least the top notch 24/7 support from Rocket Languages.

If you’ve liked the original Rocket Italian you will like the second part too. If you just start your learning italian adventure, there is a special package at the Official Rocket Italian Site with great discount that includes both levels of this great italian learning tool.

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