Rocket Italian Premium Plus – Take Your Italian To The Next Level

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Upgrade you Rocket Italian Premium with Rocket Italian Premium Plus

With the recent introduction of the 2011 Edition of Rocket Italian Premium course, Rocket Languages published the next level of Rocket Italian Premium course called Rocket Italian Premium Plus.

If you like Rocket Italian Premium course and want to take your learning Italian a step further you will like the Rocket Italian Premium Plus course.

The powerful Rocket Italian Premium Plus course is perfect for intermediate to advance Italian learners who have already completed or plan to complete the Rocket Italian Premium course.

This great Italian course consist of an extra 29 audio lessons, 29 language and culture lessons over Rocket Italian Premium. These lessons contain more advanced conversations. Features more advance quizzes and self-tests, covers 7 practical topics that you absolutely need to know about like travel, getting around, getting settled in Italy, celebrations, relations, etc. Last but not least you can take the Rocket Italian Premium Plus Certificate Tests to boost your Italian speaking confidence.

With Rocket Italian Premium Plus you will learn to adapt your Italian to different situations, extend your Italian vocabulary, and get more insights into the culture and the way the Italian language works.

You won’t believe how easy it is to improve your Italian with all this at your fingertips…

Get the Rocket Italian Combo Pack Here…
… and remember the Rocket Languages slogan: Learn It, Love It, Or Your Money Back!

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