Travel By Plane – How To Say In Italian?

This is the next part in the Series of Italian Phrases – How to Say in Italian?

Let’s learn how to say these phrases in Italian:

When does the next plane for London leave? Quando parte il prossimo aereo per Londra?

Is there a flight to New York this evening? C’è un volo per New York questa sera?

I would like a seat in the non-smoking section. Vorrei un posto nel reparto non fumatori.

Is there a coach to the airport? C’è un autobus per l’aeroporto?

Is the plane due to leave on time? Partirà in orario l’aereo?

I would like to change flights. Vorrei cambiare volo.

Can you confirm the time of arrival for the plane from Perth? Può confermarmi l’orario di arrivo dell’aereo proveniente da Perth?

Can you confirm the time of departure for the plane to Quebec? Può confermarmi l’orario di partenza dell’aereo per Quebec?

Fasten your seat belts, please. Allacciate le cinture, per favore.

Where is the duty free shop? Dov’è il duty free?

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