Why Should You Learn Italian?

The Italian language is spoken by approximately 63 million people, mostly in Italy. Italian is one of the four official languages of Switzerland, and also the official language of Vatican City and San Marino. There is some quality in the Italian language which cannot quite be put into words but which makes the language fluid and expressive. These are two qualities which work very well for sending messages of love and passion. But do you want to know why and how the Italian language came to be connected to such feelings of romance and love?

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One reason is the Italian culture. Due to the rich cultural heritage and ancient stories connected with the history of Italy, it is not surprising that romance is associated with the country, and by extension, the language. Italian culture is imbued with an imagery of romance and an ever present sense of passion. If you doubt this point, simply take a look at the artwork in architecture which are spread throughout Italy. Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci’s works of art have their roots in the classical school, but everyone, even laymen, can feel all the love and passion that they poured into their art. The images of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, and saints portray a very different kind of love ‘ a love which is spiritual, pure and divine.

Italian is one of the most popular romance languages to study. Regardless of the native language of a person who wants to learn a new language, Italian is often the first or second choice. This might be because there is a large number of Italian speakers in the United States, and, besides that, Italian culture has penetrated American culture with the popularity of pizzas and pastas. While you love ordering those pizzas, why don’t you go a step further and learn the language as well?

There are many reasons which might make a person want to learn Italian. Anyone can learn the time language with a little bit of dedication and hard work. You have to consistently practice whatever you learn and be determined to keep at it even though you keep forgetting the new words you learn. You might make mistakes at the beginning, but you’re sure to learn from them. Constant practice is sure to bring about a great improvement. Always keep a positive attitude when studying a new language.

When you learn a new language you do more than just learn foreign words -you become familiar with the different and often exciting culture of the country. You can use this knowledge for practical purposes too, apart from being able to converse fluently if you visit the country. No knowledge will be wasted. Even though you might find the start of learning the Italian language a bit strange, once you understand the basics, learning the more difficult tenses and grammar can be mastered in about 30 minutes a day. Pronunciation is completely phonetic and the grammar is also easy to understand. You do not have to start off speaking Italian as fast as native Italians do. Take your time, be consistent with their studies, and you will soon learn one of the most beautiful and rewarding languages in the world.

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