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Jet Set Spanish Preview & Review

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Mauricio Evlampieff – the founder of Rocket Spanish - takes learning spanish to a new level. Based on the success of Rocket Spanish, combining recent studies and listening to Rocket Spanish customers they will soon be launching their new course: Jetset Spanish.

What is Jetset Spanish?

Jetset Spanish has been designed to deepen your knowledge of Spanish by interacting with people in a video. The goal is to let you practice and improve your Spanish without fear of embarrassment. Learning Spanish – or any other language – can be a lonely experience if you don’t have anyone nervy to practice speaking with. With the help of Jetset Spanish you can practice with native Spanish speakers anytime and anywhere you want! I think that’s a pretty cool way to learn to speak Spanish!

Jetset Spanish contains 15 interactive video lessons about practical real life situatons. Each of these topics have different options, scenarios so you can interact with the conversation.

To see what Jetset Spanish looks like watch this short video – everything will be clear in a moment.

Details about Jetset Spanish Topics

Jetset Spanish is like nothing you’ve ever seen before!
A new dimension in Spanish learning—you can call it your very own journey to Latin America where you’ll be right at the center of the action!

Jetset Spanish Lesson 1: On the plane

The first lesson of Jetset Spanish is about being on a plane. You will learn to introduce yourself in Spanish, and you will be able to talk to the stewardess on the plane – in Spanish. In additions you will get tips and advice on where to stay and what to do during your visit!

Jetset Spanish Lesson 2: Money exchange

Once you arrive in a new country, usually the first thing you need to do is to exchange your currency. Jetset Spanish teaches you numbers, counting and how to exchange money in Spanish.

Jetset Spanish Lesson 3: Getting into town

You arrived at the airport, you want to get into the city. In lesson 3 you will learn the different ways to get from the airport into the city, you will get tips about what options not to choose, how to buy a phone card, how to order a cab…


Jetset Spanish Lesson 4: At the hostel

Lesson 4 teaches you to get around at your accommodation: how to ask for rooms, about room prices, about room services, etc.

Jetset Spanish Lesson 5: Fiesta!

Jetset Spanish will teach you common Spanish phrases to get around a Spanish Fiesta – you will not feel alone in a Spanish speaking party after this lesson.

Jetset Spanish Lesson 6: A chance encounter

This lesson of Jetset Spanish is about meeting someone by chance on the street. You will learn how to meet and greet people, talk about the weather, how to invite and accept an invitation for a coffee and other useful everyday situations.

Jetset Spanish Lesson 7: At the café

Being in a café is a common thing, in Latin America tool :) Jetset Spanish will teach you how to order a café, a dinner, how to ask about the menu and pay for your bill – of course in Spanish.

Jetset Spanish Lesson 8: Meeting a family

One of the most rewarding things about visiting a different country is meeting the locals. In this lesson you will learn how to meet people in a Spanish speaking country and how to address them formally.

Jetset Spanish Lesson 9: Asking for directions

Anytime anywhere while traveling you need to ask for directions… it’s time to learn them in Spanish!

Jetset Spanish Lesson 10: At the restaurant

Tasting the local cuisine is one of traveling’s greatest pleasures so it’s time to learn some typical Mexican food – to understand the menu. You will also learn how to place your order in Spanish and to ask for the bill in the end.

Jetset Spanish Lesson 11: Shopping

Shopping, shopping… visit the local market and try the regional fruits and vegetables or go to the shopping mall….

Jetset Spanish Lesson 12: Going away

It’s time to get out of the city, and in this lesson you’ll take a day-trip to the countryside.  On the way you’ll learn how to navigate the subway system, railway station and beyond – in Spanish! It will all be worth it as some great sightseeing awaits you…

Jetset Spanish Lesson 13: The Tourist Office

Visit the local tourist office to ask about the local offerings, how to visit them, opening times, ticket prices – all in Spanish.

Jetset Spanish Lesson 14: Feeling ill

You do not want to get sick during a trip of course, but it can happen. So just in case you will learn how to ask for doctor, to find a drugstore and to describe what you are feeling…

Jetset Spanish Lesson 15: Saying goodbye

Unfortunately every journey ends at some point. It’s time to say goodbye to your friends…

What level is Jetset Spanish aimed at?

Jetset Spanish is ideal for beginner-intermediate Spanish learners, but it’s also designed to increase the confidence of more advanced Spanish speakers. Users can move through the conversations at their own pace, and use the program with or without Spanish and English captions. They can repeat the lessons in Jetset Spanish  as often as they would like until they feel confident about what they’ve learned.

Will there be a more advanced version of Jetset Spanish?

Based on Rocket Spanish (that has a more advanced version) there will be an advanced version (or level 2 version) of Jetset Spanish in the future.

When can you buy Jetset Spanish?

In just a few days! Keep an eye on this page as we will update it as soon as we get the launch info.

How much will Jetset Spanish cost?

Again, stay tuned… we do not know the exact price point yet, but based on Rocket Spanish, Jetset Spanish will be affordable and very good value for your money!

I think that Mauricio have done it again! Jetset Spanish will be a revolutionary new way to learn and practice Spanish. Jetset Spanish will launch in a matter of days so keep your eyes on this blog for more information!

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Jet Set Spanish Preview & Review by Admin, September 24, 2010

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Based on the popular Rocket Spanish course, Jetset Spanish will take your Spenish learning experience to the next level with interactive video lessons! Highy addictive and higly recommended!

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